Thursday, December 26, 2013

In India, a visa for tourism, business, work, study or entry clearance for any other purpose is required without exception for all foreign nationals.

All candidates who wish to relocate to India for any length of time will need to apply for an Indian visa to do so.
Indian business visas, like business visit visas in many other countries, are designed to allow foreign nationals temporary immigration to India for a short period in order to partake in business related activities.
This visa does not permit holders to engage in employment during their time in the country. In order to live and work in India for any length of time an Indian work permit application must be submitted.
As specialist Indian immigration consultants, offer advice and guidance throughout your application from your initial enquiry through to the successful grant of your visa to India.
Visa status monitoring is available at every stage and a migration consultant will be able to respond to any queries or concerns.
You can find out whether you qualify and begin your application by visiting our Indian visas online assessment area now.

An Indian business visa can be granted for up to five years.
Business visas provide an ideal solution for those who wish to visit India in order to engage in a variety of business-related activities.
Business visas allow their holders to attend conferences, engage in negotiations and undertake fact finding missions with regard to potential buyers and suppliers.
Unlike Indian employment visas, no job offer from an Indian company is required to secure Indian entry clearance and no skills assessment is necessary.  This is the same as the UK Immigration system.
However, business visas do not permit candidates to undertake any form of employment.  

In India, visas of this kind are granted for a duration of up to five years and may be valid for a single or multiple entry.
Immigration law requires candidates to fulfil the following criteria:
  • All applications must include a current passport with a minimum of six months validity. The passport must also contain at least two blank pages.
  • A fully completed and signed application form must be submitted, accompanied by the appropriate fee and two passport sized photos. Where applications are being made by Pakistani nationals five photographs will be required and it may be necessary to undergo an interview.
  • Applications must include a letter from a sponsoring Indian company as well as an introductory letter from the employer in the applicant's country of residence. This letter must give details of the purpose, location and projected duration of the visit. The company in question must take responsibility for expenses incurred by the applicant.


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